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Different Kind of Home Builders

Finding the perfect builder for you can be very hard…?

I think you’ll agree when we say: When it comes to building a new home in New Zealand it can be VERY hard to find the perfect builder for you. Or can it? Well it turns out that you can dramatically increase your chances of getting the house you want by talking to Build7.

Build7 are not your usual home builders. What sets us apart is our PERSONAL and targeted service, our network of quality local builders, our streamlined systems and our experience. And because of all this, we’re ready right now to help you get what you want and move into your new home.

Take a look around and learn about our Design and Build service. We also have House and Land Packages for sale right now that may be perfect for you. Check out our House Plans or continue below to find what you’re looking for. Need help right now? Please get in touch.

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If you are considering building a new home, start with one of these options

Some of Our Most Popular House Plans

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NZ Home Builders Floor Plans

What Our Clients Say…

We feel incredibly grateful to to be involved in helping New Zealanders to improve their lifestyle and quality of life.


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Save thousands with Build7’s architect-designed, Free House Design Service



FAQ’s For New Home Builders

Please get in touch for more detail and expert help.

The first step is to understand “where are you in the house building process?” Either way, you’re talking to the right people.

JUST STARTING TO LOOK: If you are just starting out by doing your research and exploring your ‘Design and Build” options, you should preferably talk to us before looking at plans. Why? Because securing the right land to match to you perfect house design should always be the first step. Maybe a House and Land Package deal would suit you? You don’t need to have your finance sorted yet – we can point you in the right direction here too if you need help. Other new home builders like you have been able to save thousands by getting free, expert help at the start.

I HAVE HOUSE PLANS AND NEED A BUILDER: Perfect! Give us the opportunity to give you a quote. At the same time we’ll also give you guidance and help with any questions or concerns you may have. You’ll want to talk to some of our previous clients. Have you seen our large range of House Plans?

I’M RESEARCHING HOUSE PLANS: Build7 has a Free Design Service that can save you thousands. Also, you can use our plans and customise it to suit your situation. It’s the best of both worlds.

Build7 is a nationwide group of independent builders who have the local expertise and knowledge you need, but the backup of nation systems and resources

  • Other home builders charge thousands for house designs, we do not
  • We provide a free section finding service if you need land
  • We provide huge value up front – to help you plan your journey. No obligation

And more…

Researching home builders to find the best company for you is a good idea. Build7 is a network of independently owned building companies around NZ. All of our partners are experts in their local area and operate independently under the Build7 brand. We are able to combine local knowledge and expertise with innovative systems on a national level to help you build the dream home you want.

For clients at the start of the home building process, we provide a huge amount of value – without obligation – to help you put a checklist together and to give you targeted advice that is relevant to your particular area. We are committed to doing the right thing, and providing a very personal service.

You are not dealing with a huge national building company where you become just another number. We pride ourselves on being home builders who understand deeply the needs and wants of our clients. A beautiful result is the ultimate goal and we’ll encourage you to discover what your dream home looks like in every detail.

If you buy a ready-to-build House and Land Package from Build7 it’s all done for you. If you want to build on a section that you find (with our help if you want), then doing this before you do the design is simpler. We’ll help you with matching the house designs and issues such as boundary setbacks, topography and aspect to maximise the sun. Even if you have your house design and house plans already completed, we can still make it work for you.

The Process For Home Builders

Listening to you:
The process for building your new home is straightforward, but because everyone is different, there are lots of variables. It starts with listening to you and learning about your goals and your current situation. This is where Build7 are not your usual home builders! We put a lot of time and effort – at no cost – into getting the planning just right. We’ll answer questions about compliance, finding land, finance, home and land packages, house design and explain how these factors may affect you.

House Design phase:
Once the planning phase is completed and you are happy, we start with the house design phase. There are several options here. Other home builders in NZ may try to recommend house plans ‘out-of-the-box’, but we don’t build ‘cookie-cutter’ homes. You may start with browsing our large range of house plans  and then mix and match features you like into one new design that is bespoke and perfect for you. Alternatively, you may start with a fresh piece of paper and create something totally unique with our designers and architects.

Build7 offers a Free House Design service, which can save you thousands of dollars. It’s another way we are different. To learn more about how this works, please talk to us.

Securing land
Many new home builders who talk to us haven’t yet secured a section to build on. That’s where you could consider a House and Land Package which can be a great solution for some people. Or, you can take advantage of Build7’s personal service which includes help to find the perfect section for you. We’ll even negotiate to buy land on your behalf, and help you to determine the suitability of a section.

The build phase
We take care of every detail. No surprises. Everything is agreed and recorded. Payments are staggered to give you peace of mind so yu’re only paying for real, actual progress. Our promise is transparent communication during the entire process. Go ahead and read Testimonials from home builders like you who talk about their experiences.

The handover and move in!
Our work is guaranteed for 10 years, but the handover is only completed when you’re happy with all the details. We walk you through a comprehensive quality checklist for your satisfaction.

The first step is to get in touch and request a confidential phone call or meeting so we can understand your situation. There first step costs nothing.