Why build a new house? There’s lots of reasons and a benefits. Here’s our list of 11 below – some of them are not always obvious. Would you consider building new as your next home?

1. Brand new and clean

When you build a new house it will be perfectly clean. Over a ten year period, a house might have thousands of people using the bathroom and shower alone. When the new build is signed off by you it’s in pristine condition.

2. Great value

When you build a new house the cost to build it aren’t subject to the steep, increasing prices of the local property market. While costs of some materials will always increase over time, these increases are incremental and based on overall supply and demand conditions and economic factors and not tied to the price of land. In many cases you’ll be able to build for the same price or even less than buying an existing home.

3. Have it your way

Even if you use one of our existing house plans and customise it, you still get to have it the way you want it. The style, design and location is up to you when you build a new house

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4. Lower maintenance costs

You get to save more money when you build a new house. There’s nothing to maintain for a number of years and nothing to upgrade.

5. Borrowing

It all depends on your situation, but generally your deposit requirement will be lower than if you borrow for an existing home. For some people, LVR bank requirements can affect the budget and affect the amount you are able to borrow.

6. Capital gains

In a growing property market, you have the potential to maximise your capital gain. This can happen even during the construction phase of the build when you revalue your home at the end of the construction phase.

7. Benefits for investors

If you want to build a new house as an investment property, there are big advantages. For a start the whole project can be done with very little stress and time commitment from you. Depreciation and other tax benefits can be claimed, and you can attract a better long-term tenant with a new home.

8. Guaranteed for 10 years

For your own comfort, your newly built house comes with a builders guarantee of 10 years.

9. Value when reselling

Newer, well-built homes in NZ with up to date fittings and features (especially in the kitchen and bathroom areas) will attract a higher price and premium if you decide to sell

10. Healthier living when you build a new house

Insulation is at a higher standard when you build a new house. Expectations now are for double glazing and total insulation (including the garage). A healthy and dry home can save on heating bills and make your home comfortable and a pleasure to live in.

11. Modern features

New technology changes all the time. You can be sure that the latest fittings, tech and design features are used when you build a new house. There are excellent lifestyle benefits as a result. These include more sustainable materials used, efficient LED lighting, clever storage areas and ideas, practical indoor-outdoor flow and more.

We’d love to talk to you about how it all works and explore your options. Our design & build service means you can start with your (and our) ideas or you can browse one of our house plans as a starting point. We are specialise in new home building across New Zealand.

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