Photo: local builders Fran and Jamie Cowan from Build7 Christchurch

When you decide to build a new home, there’s a lot to do. Where to start and what to expect from your local builder depends on what type of project you are looking at.

To review, there is a House and Land Package – where the land is for sale with the proposed house which has been matched to it – or Design and Build. Design and build is where you are either customising one of our House Plans, or you are starting from scratch.

Build7 as your local builder

There will be no cost to you to have all your questions answered when your local builder is Build7. This often includes more than one meeting with you (so long as you are comfortable each step of the way). These meetings are very important. Your vision for what you want – and your ultimate goals based on your lifestyle are discussed so they are well understood.

local builder nz designsOne of the first things to get clear on is your house design. If you haven’t yet found a section then this can be good news because it’s always better to find a section to suit your design (and how you want to live). Our clients find our free house design service perfect for this.

The discussion will turn to the site of your proposed new home. Do you have land?  Do you need our help to find a site for you? If you are interested in a House and Land deal, then that discussion is easy.

Our expertise is now focused on assessing the section you/we have in mind. Once again, at the initial stages, there’s no charge for this advice and we’ll be able to guide you through some of the pitfalls when it comes to choosing your section. Things to check are the engineering and soil suitability, geo-technical report, aspect (which way will the new house face), height-in-relation-to-boundary, and more.

Getting this right can make a big difference in the overall success of your new project, especially if you are choosing the Design and Build option.

From here, you can expect transparency, a high level of honest and regular communication (important because issues sometimes crop up), a quote that is competitive and a time schedule that is realistic.

Choosing a home builder in NZ can be daunting; and we’d like the chance to talk about your new home and make it easy for you. Looking for a new house something that won’t break the bank? Check out our plans on the Affordable House Builders website.

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