We are excited to offer a range of nearly 30 floor plans that will allow you to build an affordable house, holiday home or cottage. View all Plans Here.


These floor plans and house designs are a collection of modern designs that will suit first homes buyers in New Zealand, those wanting to build new and downsize into something more practical, or those wanting a home that is more economically priced.

Many of these floor plans are new, and some are plans that we used to build homes over a number of years that have proved to be popular. You can go ahead and browse them here.

What makes these floor plans affordable?

Affordable does not mean you have to compromise on quality. In fact all of the materials used are the same high quality materials used on our more costly Design & Build houses. The difference is that the homes are more compact and designed in a way that maximises space inside the dwelling.

Open plan living living and the absence of hallways are ways to maximise the floor area.

The roofline you choose for your new home will also affect the pricing. In New Zealand, there are lots of different styles of roof you can choose from, but the most popular styles are hip, gale and mono-pitched. The hip and gable styles are the most economical.

Across the country, as land prices continue (generally) to increase, many of our clients are wanting to build a new home that is still modern and well constructed, but at a lower price point.

Your affordable home will still include features that you would expect in a modern home. These include:

  • Full insulation throughout (including the garage door)
  • Double-glazed windows
  • Full ensuite attached to the master bedroom (in most designs)
  • Quality kitchen and fittings
  • Stainless steel appliance
  • Warranties on all products

As part of the process, all of our Build7 partners across the country offer an interior design service and there are several interior design finishing options to choose from. This includes items such as carpet, benchtop, paint colour and outside cladding choices.

Many clients use our floor plans and house designs as a starting point. Personalisation of the home is a popular option and some changes can be made without affecting the overall price. Please check with us to get an accurate price.

If you are researching home builders, get in touch to learn more about us.

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