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The House and Land Packages concept could be a great solution if you want to build a new home but haven’t found a section in your part of New Zealand yet. Our packages (also known as Home and Land Packages) mean that a lot of the preliminary work has already been completed. Potentially this can save you time and money. There are other benefits too. A package deal means peace of mind knowing that the building site is matched perfectly with the proposed house design.

If you’d like to learn more, you can talk to us for personal help. Can’t find what you like? Get in touch! We have new properties coming on the market all the time and can customise a package in your part of the country just for you. Ask us about our Free Build Planning service and take a look at our House Plans.

House & Land FAQ’s


House and Land Packages (Home and Land Packages) are made up of two parts. The section or land and the new house. The new house is already designed and yet to be built, but the basic house design and floor plans are carefully matched to suit the section on which it will be built. House & Land Packages can be a great way of getting the home you want especially if you haven’t yet secured any land and your goal is to build new in an area of New Zealand where land is harder to find.

Packages still fall under the ‘Design and Build’ umbrella because although the house designs are already pre-determined, there can still be scope to customise it for your particular lifestyle, family and circumstances.

The main benefits to this type of building are that often, a lot of the preliminary work involving the site has already been done. This can save time and money (not to mention stress). This work could include geo-technical analysis and reports, the engineering and earthworks, the connection of utilities such as water and power and the overall suitability of the section to be built on.

For some people, finding the right section that ticks all the boxes can be a challenge and there can be a steep learning curve if you go it alone. One problem that can be costly is where people purchase land only to discover it requires serious money to be spent in order for the house to construction to start.

It’s not only ensuring the section is build-ready. It’s also about ensuring the house design itself is appropriate for the section. Considerations that have already been made include matching the house to the lay of the land (topography), positioning regarding maximising sunlight and street appeal and more.

You can alter any aspect of any Build7 House and Land Package. It’s totally your call. While cosmetic or finishing alterations can be easily made and may not affect the overall price of the package deal, any changes to the ‘footprint’ or extra construction work may have an extra cost. For example this might include building extra rooms or features that are not part of the original specification of the package. The good news is that if there are any variations, these are carefully managed and fully agreed with you before building begins.

If you already have land to build on, then a House and Land Package won’t apply to you. Instead, your project becomes a custom Design and Build project. As a Design and Build client, you have the flexibility to use one of our existing house plans ‘as is’, or you can customise a design you like to make it truly unique.

Build7 offers a New Zealand-wide Free House Design service which can save you thousands of dollars. Get in touch with us to learn more.

Absolutely. Build7 work closely in all areas of the country with finance or construction loan specialists who are experts at putting together the finance you need to start the House and Land project. This area of finance is specialised and in our opinion is outside of the area that banks usually specialise in. It’s worth talking to one of our independent mortgage experts. Their service is usually free. A low deposit of 5% may be all that is needed to get into a new house.

Because a lot of the ‘ground work’ is done when it comes to House and Land Packages, the process is quite straightforward. It all starts with talking with us and deciding on the house you want and the location. Next, we discuss the proposed house design for the section you want. Are there aspects you want changed? Are there things you want to add or remove? Once the design is finalised, we’ll explain the step-by-step process which includes key milestones of the build. The process and communication is completely transparent. These milestones are managed for you by your own dedicated Project Manager and you’ll be able to see progress on your new home on a weekly basis.

If you’ve looked for a package deal on this site and can’t find exactly what you want, then get in touch with us. We have new House and Land Packages in your are coming to market all the time. As well as this, we can help you source land through our personal and industry contacts around the country where normally you may not be able to gain access to. Remember, Build7’s Free House Design service can save you thousands and we can talk to you about how it works.