House Building Options – The Basics

When it comes to house building options, Design and Build is popular.  But the term Design and Build can be confusing for Kiwis new to building a new home, so here’s a quick definition and a short explanation of what it’s all about.

As a house building option, Design and Build in effect means you are building a house and are personally involved at the very start of the process with the house plans and house design, through to managing the various parts of securing the right site and then finally the construction of the house according to the plans you have developed.

Other House Building Options

House Building optionsAnother type of house building is House and Land Packages. This is where a building company (like Build7) or a property developer – either private or government – will invest their own money to prepare a site ready to build on. In this case the house plans are already developed to ‘suit’ or fit the site.

The package will usually be priced in a bracket that suits the local development or local area. A House and Land Package could be a single property in a new or existing neighbourhood. Or it could be one of many in a brand new residential subdivision.

The House and Land Package option should never be overlooked. While pricing is based on the pre-existing plans, there is nothing really to stop you customising a plan to your heart’s content. But bear in mind that the overall pricing may be affected.

Advantages of Design and Build

One advantage of Design and Build is that you get exactly what you want. If you use Build7 as an example, the other advantage is that you get your architecturally-designed plans at no cost which will save you money.

Design and Build requires more of a time and emotional commitment from you because good communication is critical between you and the builder. There are always changes or sometimes issues that can pop up that will need your input.

At Build7, selecting the section before you do prepare the house plans is something we recommend. While we can still make the project work if you’ve done it the other way around, there are advantages and potential cost-savings if you secure the section first.

The section nay determine the outlook from inside the house, the layout of different rooms, the aspect and a host of other things.

To find out about our inhouse designers and our Design and Build Process, please get in touch with Build7 Home Builders. We’d love to hear about your project and answer any questions without charge and with no pressure.

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