Here are 6 house building tips for 2018. If you are thinking about building a new home in 2018, these tips could save you money and time. These ideas have come from helpings lots of Kiwis build their dream home or holiday getaway and we hope you’ll find them useful.

Talk to us early in the process

One of the challenges some clients face is marrying the right section with the right design. If you can, get in touch with your builder early in the process.

Sometimes investing time and money in a house design (as the first step) can come unstuck if the house doesn’t match with the perfect section you want to buy.

Meeting with us early allows us to give you some all-round perspective with the elements including the design, the section, compliance and even construction finance.

Realise that it takes time

If you buy a House and Land Package as a home or investment property, where the basic design of the house is fixed, there will be less of time commitment to make to the project. It can be as hands-free as you like.

With the Design and Build process however, it’s not. You’ll need to make a commitment to put energy into your design and manage your time. We want you to be involved as much as you can and prioritising your time and making compromises with your time may be required.

Get the design right early

house building tips designYou’ll get lots of ideas from our designers and you’ll bring your own ideas too. Build7’s design service is free if you build with us. Start to research ideas about what you want – and what you don’t.

You don’t have to compromise when you build, but everything you want needs to fit into the budget. And if the budget is tight, your builder can recommend different options of material or construction that still let you get what you want.

A useful starting point is to browse our house plans. You’ll be able to use these plans as a starting point and add your own ideas. The house design should be based on your lifestyle and how it may change in the future. If you have children or special hobbies you should incorporate any special design requirements into your plan at the planning stage.

Give careful consideration to how the sun tracks at the site. Yes, you’ll want to maximise sunlight by ensuring the house is correctly oriented on the section, but the sun can also be fierce. Take into account the heat of the sun on the western side of the house when it comes to the amount of glass used.

Any changes or additions during the house building stage can add to the cost. That’s why you should make decisions bout finishing and style early on in the process. Build7 provides a design service and expertise to help you with this.

Get a fixed-price house building contract

A fixed-price contract from Build7 gives you peace of mind. You’ll be able to see other builds done and talk to previous clients.

Use our Project Manager

Your Build7 Project Manager is a professional. Let the experts manage the project, don’t do it yourself.

Managing long lists of requirements, the timing, different tradespeople and problems that may crop up is what a project manager does. Relationships and experience is important so that the build progresses efficiently, on time and within budget.

Visit the site and be a communicator

House building involves communication. As your home is being built, you may notice aspects that you will want to double-check or change. Some of these things may be interpretation that need clarification. Don’t be scared to ask questions and maintain clear and open communication.

The first step is a chat to learn about your situation. It’s about listening to you and getting a full picture of where you are at in your journey. Build7 is a group of trusted independent home builders throughout NZ.

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