Your house design or ours? Often when we talk to clients at the start of the house building process there can be a lot of confusion when it comes to house design. If you’ve researched already you’ll know that there are hundreds of different house plans to browse online in New Zealand alone.

We try to keep it simple for you. To recap from our previous articles on building new, you’ll first need to decide which building option you want to go with.

Your House Design

If you opt for the design and build process, it’s a case of bringing your ideas to the table and working with our designers and architect to create something really unique.

Using our range of house plans as a starting point can be a great source of inspiration. Or, you may already have a plan designed that you need a quote for. A great way to start thinking about house design is to use our checklist process. It helps you to work out what you need and want, your priorities and factors that you may not have considered.

Our House Design

The next option is customising one of our plans to fit your lifestyle, budget and circumstances. It’s the best of both worlds for many clients.

house design free serviceThe hard work and house design has already been done but we can use it to make changes to match what you want and the section you want to build on (if you have one).

Matching your section (and helping you find one if you are searching), is an important part of the process. This is we can give you expert advice that includes ensuring the home fits on the section, is appropriate based on the geology and typography and a lot more.

The last option is to let us take care of everything by bringing together both elements in a house and land package. We have packages for sale now, and can put together a package in your location that ticks all the boxes.

Go ahead and check out our big range of house plans including 30 plans in our Affordable range. The sky really is the limit

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