House and land deals offered by building companies including Build7 are growing in popularity for a good reason. The current housing ‘crisis’ in New Zealand has had a significant impact on both the supply and demand of housing.  And it’s no longer restricted to Auckland.  In fact, as we head towards the end of 2016 we are starting to see pressure on housing stock and unprecedented demand in places like Hamilton, Rotorua and further south.

House and Land deals NZ designThose families who are struggling to buy a home face real challenges that affect their lives in significant ways. Housing demand can affect the location of a property, employment opportunities, children’s education and of course financial pressures.

By far, most families don’t even consider buying a new home.  And why would they?  In a normal month, the number of new houses being built compared to existing property is only about 20 percent.  Those who do consider building a new home generally already have a good idea of what they want and the reasons for building new.

Most house and land deals in NZ (and the building companies that provide this service) are set up for people who have already made up their mind.

Build7 is different.  We spend time helping people who are thinking about moving – and then show them the benefits of building new.  The benefits include real peace of mind, savings and a better quality of life in our opinion.

Benefits of House and Land Deals

Building new (whether a home and land package deal or just the building) is often seen as being ‘too hard’ or ‘too scary’ or ‘too risky’.  At Build7 we’ve developed some innovative systems and solution that mean our clients receive more for less.

We’ve slashed the time involved in the home purchase process. Not only in the design phase, but in the construction phase as well. For clients this means no fees upfront while we develop designs and a process that cuts the time frame without cutting quality.

We operate all over the country from Auckland to Wanaka to Northland and have house and land deals to suit first time buyers, investors and more discerning client.  If you are looking for a home building company who can offer home and land options to suit your situation, please contact us.

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