Which house roofline do you want for your new home?  There are lots of different options available, but in New Zealand the three most often seen are hip, gable and mono.

I this article we’ll give you a very basic outline of each house roofline and some images to see the differences.

The first thing to note is that functionally, roofs are required to perform in line with building code. They are required to be waterproof and to stand up to stress from extreme weather. When it comes to the three options here, it’s largely about style and sometimes budget. What aesthetic do you like and what’s the budget?

Of the three house roofline styles, generally the hip style will be the lowest price. Next is the gable and finally the mono-pitch will usually have a higer price. This is to to with the spans of the trusses uses and quantity of materials used. The engineering requirements for a mono pitch house roofline are higher than the other styles.

Hip Roofline

house roofline hipThe hip roof style is the most common and simplest type of roof. The roof has slopes on all four sides, so whichever way you view it, the roof slopes down to the gutters. The sides are equal length and come together to form the ridge at the top.

The hip is the least complex of roof styles and so usually is the lowest price of the three types.

Gable Roofline

house roofline gable thumbThe gable may have other names such as ‘pitched’ or ‘peak’ roof and are also very popular in NZ. They are easy to tell apart from the other styles because they form a triangle shape at the end of the home and at other parts of the roof. The gable style has an interesting and different ‘colonial’ type style which is liked by many clients.

The gable is usually priced slightly higher than the hip roofline but less than the mono-pitch.

Mono Roofline

house roofline mono pitch 1The Mono-pitch roofline has an unusual style. It is constructed to form one single sloping surface and it is often not attached to any other roof surface. In New Zealand, the mono is popular as a modern alternative and has a striking and distinctive look.

The mono roof is engineered to a higher level than the other roof styles (for examples the span of the trusses is bigger). Because of this, pricing for the mono is usually higher than the other rooflines.

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