If you are looking at new house building, then there are a few options to take when it comes to the type of build that you want.

In this article we’ll talk Design and Build  which is what we mean when we say ‘building from scratch’.

When we talk about Design and Build, and starting with a totally blank piece of paper, the only limitation is your imagination – and of course your budget.

Here’s the process that all of our Build7 branches use throughout NZ.

new house building design

  1. A conversation with you about your goals and current situation
  2. What’s the situation with the section or site? Are you still looking for one?  Do you need help to find one? Is it ready to go?
  3. What design ideas – if any – do you have?
  4. You have several design options including using one of our House Plans for inspiration, or starting from scratch with just your ideas and our architect (we don’t charge for our design service if we build the house for you.
  5. Designs in the form of renders and floor plans are provided which can be customised based on your needs and our recommendations
  6. Once completed, the designs are developed to become ‘working drawings’ which we then use to get a firm price quote
  7. Once we have helped to assess the land, and assuming the plan suits the section and other matters such as council compliance and other boxes are ticked, we start work.

During the build phase of the project, changes by you may come up. This is normal, and we manage those variations as they arise. In each case, when a variation is made, you will know exactly what the cost will be (if any) to make the changes. At no time do we proceed with any changes without full and total agreement with you.

The process of deigning your own home versus building of one of our supplied plans means things can take a bit longer. But it’s worth it.

Advantages of new house building (Design & Build)

The advantages of new house building are obvious. Getting a clean house and getting exactly what you want is just the start. Other benefits include:

The ability to incorporate features into your home that are important based on how you live. Do you need extra space in the garage for your ‘toys’? Do you need extra space for your hobbies?
If you have a growing family, you can locate teenagers rooms spatially separate from the master bedroom

  • You can incorporate extra storage if you need it
  • Little details that allow each room to flow into the next can be added
  • How the rooms flow to the outside areas can be designed the way you want

And more…

Taking the first step is easy and costs nothing. If you want to find out more, get in touch for more details. Not all home building companies are the same and we’d love the chance to hear about your plans and help you with your next project.

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